Multi-layer & Mono-layer

Multi-layer & Mono-layer

We manufacture Three layer co extruded films for wide range of applications including oil. Ghee, Milk, spices & all types of heavy duty films. These high-strength multi-layer films also have an excellent retention power which helps in preserving the taste, aroma, flavour, colour, texture and integrity of the products

Lamination Film available with.

  • 1. Medium Metallocene / Octane based Multilayer films are recommended for Nitorgen Flush, Vacuum Pack, and SmallSachet packing .
  • 2. High Metallocene Mulitilayer films are recommended for Oil, Shampoo, Salt and other 10 Kg, 20Kg packings.
  • 3. Reel width 250mm to 1250 mm
  • 4. Natural and milky both as per requirement.
  • 5. From 18 micron to 200 micron.
  • 6.Roll up to 450Kgs (650mm diameter)

Properties of Films

  • 1. Ensures high speed FFS operation
  • 2. High puncture and Tear resistance
  • 3. Very good hot-take and seal strength
  • 4. Gives excellent bond strength
  • 5. Film for stand-up pouches
  • 6.High barrier film for edible oil for longer shelf life of the package
  • 7.High clarity Film for Window-Pouchesoperation

Applications of Films

Three layer films are laminated with printed Polyester Films which are further used for packaging in following applications.

  • 1. Milk & Dairy Products
  • 2. Confectionery and Food Concentrates
  • 3. Tea & Coffee
  • 4. Ghee, Oil, Spices, Salt, Pickels
  • 5. Biscuits

Monolayer Lamination Films

We offer Mono Layer HDPE AND LLDPE Lamination Films which are used for general purpose packaging. These films are laminated with polyester films, and aluminium foils for packaging purpose.

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