Agriculture Mulch Film

Agriculture Mulch Film

Wadhwa Polyfilms Pvt. Ltd is pioneer of multilayer wide width agricultural films in India. Our Films have proven to be highly economical and cost effective in controlled environmental agriculture

Mulching is the process or practice of covering the soil/ground to make more favorable conditions for plant growth, development and efficient crop production. Mulch technical term means ‘covering of soil’. We are engaged in providing our clients with Mulching Films that are developed as per international quality standards. Mulch film acts as a protection cover over the soil, primarily to modify the effect of the local climate.

Mulch Films play an important role for the growth of plants. Our Mulching Films are simple to install and are applauded globally provided with a guarantee period. Mulch films help in increasing the ground temperature and also prevent weeds and pests.

Mulch Film prevents erosion from soil and protects fruits and vegetables from direct contact with the ground. Cleanliness of crop is maintained and there are less plant diseases.


  • 1. It is completely impermeable to water.
  • 2. It prevents the direct evaporation of moisture form the soil and thus limits the water losses and conserves moisture.
  • 3. By evaporation suppression, it prevents the rise of water containing salts.
  • 4. Mulch can facilitate fertilizer placement and reduce the loss of plant nutrient through leaching.
  • 5. Mulches can also provide a barrier to soil pathogens
  • 6. Opaque mulches prevent germination of annual weeds from receiving light

  • 7. Reflective mulches will repel certain insects
  • 8. Mulches maintain a warm temperature even during nighttime which enables seeds to germinate quickly and for young plants to rapidly establish a strong root growth system.
  • 9. Synthetic mulches play a major role in soil solarisation process.
  • 10. Less nematodes population.
  • 11. Water erosion is completely averted since soil is completely covered form bearing action of rain drops.

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