Surface Protection Film

Surface Protection Film

Films has developed its core competence in the field of surface protection films. Our films protects all types of surfaces in numerous indus- tries. As the name suggests, this film is used to protect surfaces from scratches during handling or at the time of transit. It is also called masking film.

The films are used to protect various surfaces like:

  • 1.Color coated sheets.
  • 2.Stainless steel sheets.
  • 3.ACP panels.
  • 4.Aluminum sheets.
  • 5.PC/PVC/Acrylic sheets.
  • 6.Decorative laminates.
  • 7.Glazed tiles, marble etc.

SpecificationsThickness : 25 to 100 microns

  • 1.Width : 2200mm
  • 2.Base material : Polyethylene
  • 3.Paper core ID : 76mm
  • 4.Color : Transparent, black/white or any required color
  • 5.Printing : Two color printing available
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